Angela Hutton, LCSW, SEP - Inspired Somatic Psychotherapy

Women, Intimacy, and Trauma

We all want to be loved; this is a universal need and desire. However, intimate relationships often bring out the most intense emotions in us. Some of these emotions include fear, betrayal, and guilt as well as excitement, and pleasure.  Often, we pick partners who reflect the issues we need to look at in ourselves, and the process can feel messy and difficult to navigate.  In the end, we all need relationships and can learn to heal the distortions that play out with the most important people in our lives.  
Often women come to therapy because they have become dissatisfied with their relationships or they find themselves having intimacy or sexual problems.  Through some exploration, we often discover the root cause can be found in the following issues:  poor body image, depression, anxiety, a history of sexual trauma or verbal abuse, poor communication patterns, and shame.
Unfortunately, sexual victimization and trauma are not rare occurrences in this culture.  Even if you feel like you’re “over it,” it's possible that the trauma shows up in your body and nervous system, creating ongoing symptoms.
Addressing the root cause of the intimacy issue and learning new skills can increase self worth, improve your body image, and help you and your partner become closer.  I can support you in learning these skills and developing a new relationship to your body and your spirit.
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