Angela Hutton, LCSW, SEP - Inspired Somatic Psychotherapy
Family Therapy and Parent Support

Family therapy can help all people in a family system learn new ways to communicate and collaborate.  All of us have families, and whether we want to admit it or not, they influence us both positively and negatively.  It is important to discover new and healthy ways to relate to your family.  Sometimes this work is done individually, and often with other family members.  I am happy to work with families in any configuration.

Parent support is generally utilized to assist parents in creating a structure in their household that encourages stability and effective interactions within a warm family environment.  Partners sometimes need help getting on the same page with each other in order to effectively parent.  Additionally, most of us learn how to parent based on the parenting we received.  Often, the lessons learned from our own parents can be flawed, and even destructive.  The truth is, there is no perfect parent; however, all parents can learn to bring awareness and empowered wisdom to their parenting.  
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