Angela Hutton, LCSW, SEP - Inspired Somatic Psychotherapy
Angela Hutton, LCSW
Angela Hutton (Formerly Angela Cumming)

About Me:
I received my clinical license in Social Work in the State of CO in 2000, and CA in 2011. In addition to my clinical work, I used to manage mental health programs in the public mental health system and am a supervisor of students and interns.  
I have specialized training in:

My Philosophy: I truly believe that each of us has the capacity to heal given the right tools and support.  We all have negative patterns or habits that we fall back into when we are stressed.  These behaviors are often the result of patterns and beliefs that we developed when we were young as a way to survive a situation that felt painful or overwhelming.  These beliefs and choices help us to feel safe in the moment and are the best we can do at the time.  However, some of these patterns may not benefit you now and the beliefs behind them may not even be true.  As a result, the patterns you have chosen throughout your life to help you feel safe are now keeping you from fully experiencing life in a joyful and passionate way.  Therapy can help you bring awareness to these beliefs, patterns, and negative habits.  I believe that healing takes place on multiple levels—through the mind, body, and spirit.  In order to feel balanced and whole, each of these aspects needs attention, respect, and compassion. 

My Approach: 
I provide individual therapy, family and couples therapy, parent support, case consultation, and supervision.

LCSW # 27188
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